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Gospel Recording Artist Bush Baby Goes for the Heart with The Idol Factory

Released Tues. April 1st, THE IDOL FACTORY motivates,inspires
Released Tues. April 1st, THE IDOL FACTORY motivates,inspires

There are so many things in world that can distract us, keeping us away from what is important---but does that necessarily make them bad?

With the new album THE IDOL FACTORY (released Tues. April 1, 2014) recording artist Bush Baby shows us the answer is NO.

On the eve of the release I had a chance to have a conversation with Bush about the project and the way that people were already responding to it. "It's been a blessing," he told me. "Just to see it. It let em know that God had a bigger purpose for me. I'm here to encourage and uplift people."

The album, led by the single GOD FIRST, really helps us to appreciate that what really matters is the order that we go after things in life. If money, cars and fame are your priority then there is no real space for God. If you seek a relationship with God first, though, all other things are definitely going to be added to you in their time and place.

Joined on the song by artist Dee-1 the two men show that praying hard and working hard will bring the benefits of the labor. Putting God first in our lives will ensure that we think before acting and that we are able to treat everyone (especially women) the way they should be treated.

Though today he is in a place where he is using his life and gift for good, he told me that it wasn't always the case. Being on a path that led him to seek revenge when he was only 19 almost cost him his life. There was signs that there was more out there for him, but it took some time to really pay attention. "God began to speak to me and show me certain things," he told me, "but it's been a process.

"Now I see what I was created for. I do have a purpose. I do have hope. I can communicate the reality of the path I was on to the younger generation."

The album title itself is a great reminder of how our attitude towards something determines its place in our lives. "With THE IDOL FACTORY I'm actually talking about a heart," Bush explained to me. "An idol is anything we hold in highest regard. Our heart can create or manufacture idols. People don't realize what they worship. God created us to enjoy all these good things, but we turn the good things into a 'god' thing." The events in his life have allowed him to understand that God gives everybody gifts. It's up to us how we use it. "You can't be stopped when you have God on your side," he says. "I'm full of life, full of purpose. I just want to share that with the world."

At a time when doing the right thing is seen as being lame or uncool, artists like Bush Baby are proving otherwise.

Stay connected with Bush Baby on his website Get THE IDOL FACTORY on Amazon here. Listen to my interview with Bush Baby here.

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