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Gospel artist Sharetta-Nicole is the B.O.S.S. of her destiny.

The fact that Sharetta-Nicole is even sane let alone can sing praises to Christ is really a testament to the healing power of God. At the tender age of eight years old she was molested by her brother and an uncle. She lost her father at the age of 12 from a dental procedure that went horribly wrong. A year later her mother and sister were kidnapped. Her sister was raped and her mother shot and killed by the abductors. Finally she lost an older brother to AIDS.

Gospel artist Shareeta-Nicole
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“I was only able to get through all of those things because of God. When I gave my life to Christ my eyes were open to see a new way of life. It was a situation where I wish nobody would ever go through. You don’t just heal overnight it is a process,” says Sharetta-Nicole.

The process started for Sharetta-Nicole when at the age of 15 she was ushered to Jesus Christ through the love and friendship of six individuals whom she calls her support group. Her first mentor was Mrs. Grimmitt, an English teacher who took an interest in the young hurting girl. “She and her husband David first pulled me in (to the church and God)” states Sharita-Nicole. Later others of the group took notice and begin to help the young Sharita-Nicole heal and learn about God. “Tracey Kenty, Mr. and Mrs. White, Mark and Arlette Willis came on after the Grimmitt’s and they all just kind of took turns with sharing their experiences with me. They would say no don’t go this route go this way instead. They basically became parents to me… they practically raised me.”

With their continued support Sharetta-Nicole has gone on to not only become a Christian but a messenger for God through her gift of song. She is an award-winning Gospel artist, as she was blessed with an Urban Inspiration Award. She’s also been nominated for Atlanta’s Hottest Gospel Award, the Independent Gospel Artist Alliance Award and the Rhythm of Gospel Award.

Sharetta-Nicole just released a brand new single, “B.O.S.S. (Better Off Saving Souls)” and it’s a musical collage featuring Gospel, rap and dance music. “B.O.S.S. is a pop, up-tempo tune that really digs into the crucifixion of Christ. Sometimes we are crucified by our own peers and God raises us out of that like a boss. I wrote that song because I feel like we as Christians really need to take a stand and be a boss of our own destiny. If you are a singer, a painter or whatever you need to be a boss of that because you can save a soul through your destiny. You can save a soul through painting, that picture may be anointed to really touch someone and save them.”

Sharetta-Nicole wants her listeners to understand through her music that being a Christian is ok and she wants them to feel free to worship God. “I’m vulnerable on the tracks and I want my listeners to be vulnerable to God. Just stay positive and don’t let your life situations stop you just keep pushing,”

Catch Sharetta-Nicole as a performer at the Atlanta Gospel Choice Awards coming up in September. To listen to Sharetta’s music and to learn about her log on to:

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