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Gospel artist Jacqueline T. Powell shows the way to freedom with 'Christ In Me'

Jacqueline T. Powell's single "Christ In Me" offers path to freedom
Jacqueline T. Powell's single "Christ In Me" offers path to freedom
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Jacqueline T. Powell knows what it means to be emotionally bound by her past. Now liberated, the gospel singer desires to show others the way to freedom with her new single, "Christ In Me." The title tune to her upcoming album, slated to release in October, "Christ In Me" showcases the songstress as she flaunts a mellow and soulful vibe accented by uplifting and spirit-freeing lyrics. The Durham, NC, soprano is thrilled about the forthcoming release, her sophomore project. Released on her own label, the CD will feature songs penned by the artist herself. The single is currently available through CDBaby and iTunes.

"Christ in Me" was written from a place of pain. "During my second year of grad school, I had to face past experiences that continued to torment me daily," recalls Jacqueline. "I remember crying out to Abba Father about my tiredness, and how I needed a release. I didn't have enough strength to bind or rebuke this enemy (inner me). So, I spoke directly to it by playing the chords and singing the words: Release me. Stop binding me. Quit reminding me of what used to be a part of me--within me..." It's that desire for deliverance that Jacqueline has poured into her music ministry.

In addition to singing, Powell has been called to the preaching ministry. Accepting the call at the age of 16, Jacqueline was ordained a year later. Currently, she serves as Co-Pastor at living Waters Christian Church of North Carolina in Durham, NC. She's also the worship leader there. Although she stands in front of audiences singing and preaching now, Jacqueline struggled with shyness and insecurities earlier in life. Thinking back, Jacqueline sees what a hindrance it was.

"I can see now that being an introvert really binded me. Because I wasn't secure with my voice, I was afraid to sing" she recalls. In spite of that, she answered the call to a music career in 2008. She released her debut project, "Wonderful," in 2010. For more information about Jacqueline T. Powell, log on to