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Gorgeous two-year-old white shepherd on official euth list at Roswell shelter

Truman doesn't want to die - it used to be most dogs found homes out of the Roswell Animal Control. Now most dogs die there.
Urgent Dogs of Roswell Animal Control

UPDATE: Truman was rescued. Many thanks to everyone who has helped. Please continue to save these dogs by spreading the news and sharing their stories with your friends and families.

Truman is a two-year-old stunning white shepherd mix who has had the misfortune to be picked up by Roswell Animal Control on July 2. On Monday morning, cage 48, stray #2592 posted euthanasia instructions will forever snuff out the life of this young dog; his tragic misfortune is to have become a victim of what volunteers and humane advocates call a "mass retaliation."

The tragic chain of events began June 9 when nine-year-old Colby Prince was attacked by three rescued dogs out of Roswell Animal Control that were being kept at a nearby local rescue; the dogs were preparing to be transferred to a rescue facility in Colorado. As the young boy was preparing to feed and water his horses, the dogs attacked. Two of the dogs were shot by the child's father, and the third dog was euthanized after his quarantine period. The child is expected to make a full recovery.

Pledges to help save Truman have been made, however the new rules and regulations preclude most rescue organizations from pulling dogs out of Roswell Animal Control. All rescue groups must prove to the city they are non profits, and all rescue groups must sign an agreement with the city that all facilities will be open for inspection at anytime.

Follow Truman's Facebook thread as volunteers try to help.

Unless someone shows up at Roswell Animal Control on Monday morning, Truman will take his last breath.

Stay tuned; volunteers and animal advocates say more animals are destined to be euthanized more often.

Roswell Animal Control is only open on Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (lunch hours are now staggered) There are no adoption events ever sponsored by Animal Control nor do they network any of the surrendered, stray, or lost pets. According to volunteers, the Roswell Animal Control is not accommodating at all to local rescue groups who use social media, organize adoption events, photograph the dogs and cats, and try to evaluate and gather information about the pets in order to network and save lives.

If interested in adopting, please contact the shelter directly and mention cage number 48.

Roswell Animal Control - 705 E. McGaffey; Roswell, NM 88201. Phone: 575-624-6722

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