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Gorebal Warming Part 3 of 5

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In an August 22, 2011 Examiner article Thomas Mangan writes “Tea Party candidates ignore scientific reality”! Mangan, a global warming aficionado ignores reality. He tags many things accepted science when many questions still remain unanswered. Areas of stem cell research (embryos) fall into this category along with “Global Warming”.

“Global Warming” is called accepted science when it actually isn’t. It has not passed peer review, debate and the scientific method. It passed the review of political think alike scientist politicians who have a personal stake in perpetuating the hoax. In fact Al Gore’s hockey stick which is supposed to be so inclusive and conclusive included only selective and limited data which proved their point. Some temperature collecting stations were located in concrete jungles.

It was markedly noticeable those not believing in global warming were willing to appear at conferences covered on C-SPAN asking for debate with purveyors of the theory. I never saw a taker for that debate from the warming side. Al Gore was noted for having people asking difficult questions thrown out of his presentations. Those against the theory took questions and answered them with reasonable answers not attacks on the questioners or unending answers that were insufficient and incomprehensible. This raises the warning flag.

An article in Energy, By Lewis Page 30th March 2012 relates, “Skepticism regarding the need for immediate and massive action against carbon emissions is a sickness of societies and individuals which needs to be "treated", according to an Oregon-based professor of "sociology and environmental studies". Professor Kari Norgaard compares the struggle against climate skepticism to that against racism and slavery in the US South.” Norgaard echoes Al Gores sentiments likening “Global Warming” skepticism to racism! Gore also uses the term “Flat Earthers” indoctrinating liberal ideologs like Bob Beckel into a language of ignorance.


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