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Gorebal Warming Part 2 of 5

Al Gore’s Academy Award winning movie “An Inconvenient Truth” turned out to be a pack of “convenient untruths”. His pictures of ice falling from glaciers into the ocean were computer generated, along with the polar bear stranded on a raft of ice. There were eleven major errors (perhaps lies) in the film, noted by the British Government. Ice falls from these glaciers every year, yet Gore was too lazy to get real pictures. Many scientists say polar bears are thriving!

Spreading the Global Warming myth!
Spreading the Global Warming myth!
Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

The group from East Anglia University to other centers of global warming doctrine were caught, admitting to misrepresenting, manipulating, hiding and destroying the real global temperature data, in their emails to each other. Over a thousand documents were discovered showing the collusion of primary purveyors of “Global Warming” admitting data fraud. These revelations were swept under the carpet as insignificant. Penn St. Professor Michael Mann called these deceptive actions an honest exchange of ideas? All these deceptions perpetrated to sell “Global Warming” have been ignored.

A new phrase has come out of this years early January’s “cold snap” or “Arctic Blast”. “Polar Vortex” is the phrase describing this cold stretch. A word that immediately brought to mind the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”! The premise of the movie is the ocean currents warmed to a point in which they created gigantic hurricanes that some how triggered super cooled air being sucked down from the upper atmosphere.

In this way “Global Warming” could be tied into “Global Cooling” and justify the term “Global Warming” being exchanged for “Climate Change”. This movie, Hollywood’s way of supporting Al Gore’s withering arguments for “Global Warming”! Then when I looked up “Polar Vortex” in relation to “The Day After Tomorrow” a fictitious movie, on Google, the comparison was being marketed in spades.