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“Gorebal” Warming Part 1 of 5

Chris Wallace shared some research on June 25, 2011 Fox News Sunday. He pointed out in a poll, if you answered the pollster’s question you did not believe in global warming you were considered by their poll miss informed. Basically they’re saying if you don’t accept the liberal main stream media propaganda, you are misinformed.

Planet Gore spewing hot air over the earth!
Planet Gore spewing hot air over the earth!
Gerald J. Furnkranz

Recently a Russian vessel the ‘Akademik Shokalskyi’ was caught in the Antarctic ice for days! Few reported their mission was to study ‘Global Warming’ part of the theory being ice in the Polar Regions was melting, disappearing because the earth was warming. Two of the mammoth icebreakers sent to rescue them could not manage the increased ice and became stuck also.

If you don’t accept the misinformation and lies perpetrated by the marketed experts at the East Anglia University England, you are misinformed. I’m sure the Russian Communist and Nazi propaganda machines viewed such things in much the same way. The “Global Warming” issue being changed and camouflaged as “Climate Change” certainly suggests some slight of hand and deception and.

Robert G. Beckel of The Five gets visibly agitated with those who don’t believe in “Global Warming”. He shows his anger and disdain. He believes it to be a major threat to the earth because his party claims it is. His argument, one of the early global warming claims, is most climate scientists (97%) believe it to be true.

Beckel is stubbornly basing his perceptions on over decade old data when many scientists were manipulated or browbeaten into supporting the Global Warming theory. The pendulum has swung the other way where at least as many scientists do not believe in ‘man made’ global warming and are not even sure it is warming.