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Gorebal Warming (Finally) Part 5 of 5

Thomas Mangan writes “Tea Party candidates ignore scientific reality”! Gore calls those disagreeing with his Global Warming theories racists along with Professor Norgaard. Gore also names them Flat Earthers. They are characterized as misinformed, mentally sick, stupid, red necks! However, Yale Law Professor Dan M. Kahan’s study of the scientific comprehension of diverse political groups was shocked to find Tea Party supporters are more scientifically literate than the non-tea party voting population!

The Planet Gore orbiting the earth expelling hot air the primary reason for Gorebal Warming!
Gerald J. Furnkranz
Dishonesty and deception follow Climate Change!
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Recently President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry both declared Climate Change (Global Warming) settled science. All the deception and manipulated data by “Global Warming” pushers is being ignored. It is not settled science. It is “Bullied Science” perpetuated by those squeezing profit and power from the hoax!
Global Warming is about profit and power of the scientists to continue the flow of money from the government to them. Al Gore has become stinking rich on “Global Warming”. That flow of money buys the support of the scientific “Global Warming” community.

Government is using their false information to establish carbon taxes and regulations to increase their own profit and power, by regulating the energy used by the people, regulating mobility and the ability to survive. They are siphoning off the people’s freedoms and this is but one of many ways they are doing it.

Limiting the energy available by creating a mythology that is dangerous and will destroy civilization. Frightening the people with one disaster after another, financial, ecological, and diplomatic. A scared people will more likely believe the mismanagement of the government thinking they are the only ones who can solve the problems. LOL! More than likely they are the ones who created the problems. Meglomaniac royal, scientific political elite that have exchanged common sense for the behaviors of spoiled children thinking they know it all.

Through all the “Global Warming/Climate Change” dishonesty and deception those scientists and supporters of the global warming religion expect common sense thinking people to believe their lies and propaganda. If they don’t those not believing are demeaned, derided and slandered as subhuman and stupid!

By making all science soft science they can use it for “Social Engineering” smashing America and the world into the box they desire! As UN Climate Chief Christina Figueres frighteningly stated Communism may be the best vehicle for them to reach their agendas! Rewriting science, history even common sense to mold the world as they wish. Would they have the world living under Stalin’s hammer and sickle to promote the UN agendas of gun control, population control, Climate control, education control, people control, absolute control!