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Gorebal Warming (Continued) Part 4 of 5

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Lewis Page writes “Professor Norgaard (Oregon-based professor of "sociology and environmental studies) considers that fuzzy-studies academics such as herself must stand shoulder to shoulder with the actual real climate scientists who know some maths in an effort to change society and individuals for their own good.”

“It's not a new idea: trick-cyclists in Blighty and the US have lately called for a "science of communicating science" rather reminiscent of Isaac Asimov's science-fictional "Psychohistory" discipline, able to predict and alter the behavior of large populations*.”

So, there is actually a process out there for using science fiction to push scientific ideas. A process easily turned to controlling the thinking of the people. Sounds to me scientists like Norgaard of the “Fuzzy Studies” would make all science “Fuzzy Studies”!

The goal appears to be indoctrinating or brain washing the people into their beliefs “Global Warming”. Cramming their agendas down the throats of the people. The scientific methods are being thrown out for a bullying belief in science, Gore’s consensus science! The consensus of their inner circle!

We have people rewriting history to support their own agendas. Governments committing genocide murdering tens of millions of people are being characterized as desirable. Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Maoist China, their socialism or communism is being portrayed as good forms of government. The UN Climate Chief Christina Figueres stated Communism is the best model for fighting “Global Warming”!

Paul Krugmans faking the threat of an alien invasion so America would have reason to spend more, spending our way out of this economic malaise this same government has managed US into. Propaganda selling fictional stories to remold the past and present!

The next step is to take Professor Kari Norgaard’s “Fuzzy Science” (or “Soft Sciences” like psychiatry, psychology and sociology they can mold to fit their agendas and narratives.) and use them to manipulate the people’s thinking to put all science’s into the fictional world to mold the future (Social Engineering) as these scientist politicians see fit!

It seems to me the main contributor to the Global Warming is the Planet Gore orbiting the earth expelling hot air to perpetuate the Global Warming Myth! Creating opportunities for “Global Warming” hoaxers to get rich and gain more power and control over the people!



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