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Gorean Literature Contest at Port Cos

The world of John Norman's Gor is harsh and beautiful in the same breath. The depth of the culture has bred years of loyal followers to perpetuate the world of Gor in Second Life in their imaginations.

The Gorean city of Port Cos is sponsoring a Gorean literature contest this week. Entrants are encouraged to submit a 1000 word max, original Gorean short stor or poem for consideration.

Roleplay logs may not be used. This must be an original work of yours.

First prize is 3,000 Lindens. Second prize 1000 Lindens. Third prize 500 Lindens. All participants receive a bundle of beautiful framed Gorean art.

Contestants have to be present in person on Saturday to take part.

Please send your gorean short story or poem to julie Rae or Agamemnon Padar until Friday 15th, 2012 / 11 am SLT.

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