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Gordon Ramsay quits: 'Kitchen Nightmares' won't be returning for another season

Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Ethan Miller

Big news is out about "Kitchen Nightmares." On Monday, MSN shared the news that Gordon Ramsay is calling it quits on his show "Kitchen Nightmares" even though it has a huge fan base. He shared on his site today that he will not filming another season of the show since this one has come to an end.

This show has been around since 2004 in the UK but didn't come to the USA right away. It started here in 2007 and has been on Fox ever since. Viewers have loved this series and followed it year after year. It is not like Gordon is hanging up his hat though and won't be busy. He still has several shows out there including "Hell's Kitchen," "Master Chef," "Master Chef Junior," and "Hotel Hell." It looks like he will be focusing on them instead. This will be keeping him really busy regardless of letting one of his shows go.

Ramsay went to his Twitter account today to share the news and send his fans to his website to see the big announcement. He said that it has been a great 10 years for him. It is obvious he will miss this show regardless of deciding that it is time for it to be over. There are a lot of kitchens that are left to be saved but that will be for another show of some kind.

Fans started to respond to him right away on Twitter about their thoughts on "Kitchen Nightmares." A lot of viewers are sad to see it go because it was their favorite show by Gordon Ramsay. It is very possible that Gordon is coming up with another idea for a show and fans know that only great things will come from him. They will follow his career wherever it might end up going. You can still watch the old season of "Kitchen Nightmares" on various channels.

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