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Gordon Ramsay debt: His company now owes over $50 million in debt

Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Ethan Miller

Gordon Ramsay is having a bit of a problem with debt. On Thursday, News Oxy shared about the $50 million in debt that his company now owes. That is a really big amount of money to owe to someone. When you read over all of the information it can be a bit confusing.

Ramsay's rep wanted to clear things up a bit so they spoke out. Here is what they had to say, "This is an inaccurate interpretation of the public filings that were reported widely in the media back in May, and any claim that the company is anywhere near bankruptcy is ludicrous. It is standard for the head of the company to deliver loans to expand the business and ensure experiences remain first class, and the Gordon Ramsay Group continues to deliver a strong performance, with growth year on year."

It really is confusing, but the company Kavalake Holdings is the one that is in charge of all of his business endeavors and they are the ones that are now in a huge amount of debt. The reports make it sound like they do believe that they will get the money back eventually though.

It does sound like the person that he has hired to help him might not know what they are doing. It could end up being time for Gordon Ramsay to either take care of some of his own finances or hire someone else to do it instead.

Gordon Ramsay is a very busy man. Everyone knows that he has a ton of shows out and his daughter is even working on starting her own cooking show. This means that more money should continue to come in for Gordon Ramsay. Hopefully this will all be behind him before long and the debt can be paid off in some way.

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