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Gordon Klingenschmitt: Gay soldiers need diapers

During the February 11th, 2014 edition of his Pray In Jesus Name program, Gordon Klingenschmitt read from a press release allegedly sent out by other former military chaplains who are outraged by the tolerance of homosexuality within the military.

Gordon Klingenshmitt

It may as well have been a press release by Klingenschmitt himself, as it fully indulges in the fraudulent exaggeration and bigotry he has become infamous for.

Before civilizations crumble, the last thing to hit the fan is government-sponsored, government-forced, homosexuality, sodomy, and pedophilia. Homosexuality is a psychiatric disorder and probably the worst sin described in the Holy Bible due to the permanent damage caused to what was or is or might have been a temple of the Spirit. The consequences are said to be nothing short of eternal damnation, by choice. It's a shame that the US military, historically known to be a beacon of morality and religious tolerance and freedom, while the civilian sector has engaged in immorality, is now having its nose shoved in the dirt of filth to make the Sinners-in-Chief in the highest echelons of politics--the perverts, the pedophiles, and the psychiatrically ill--feel better about themselves.

Klingenschmitt did not actually read that part on the air, though he has lobbied reality countless times to turn homosexuality and pedophilia into synonyms.

Instead, he found something even worse to lie about. According to Klingenschmitt, "homosexuality is a combat divider" because it results in gay soldiers "taking breaks on the combat field to change diapers all because their treacherous sin causes them to lose control of their bowels."

"Forgive me for the graphic image there," Klingenschmitt said after reading, "but there are physical and biological consequences of that kind of conduct and he's just pointing that out."

Klingenschmitt does not deserve forgiveness, not for the lewdness of his suggestion, but because it is once again a big fat lie.

Roughly 2% of the U.S. population identifies as LGBT -- about 6.4 million people. But despite there being this large of a population, no link between homosexuality and incontinence has ever been reported.

Furthermore, many LGBTs had already been serving in the military under the DADT policy. If "treacherous sin" really did cause them "to lose control of their bowels," serving in the military would have been impossible, not just because their incontinence would have outed them as gay then, but also because (as Ted Nugent can attest to) incontinence would disqualify someone from military service by itself.

The most benign explanation is that, as a serial fraud and liar, Gordon Klingenschmitt believes sin can lead to incontinence due to personal experience.

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