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Gordon Klingenschmitt: drug-induced hallucations are demonic

At this point, it would be easier for Gordon Klingenschmitt to list the things he does not believe are caused by evil spirits.

Gordon Klingenshmitt

His latest pet peeve that he claims is the work of demonic possession: Colorado's legalization of marijuana.

According to Klingenschmitt, demonic spirits caused both the vote to legalize the drug, and the psychedelic effects of the drug itself.

"Let's take a moment to discern the spirits," Klingenschmitt began (for the umteen millionth time). "There is a spirit of addiction, and people say 'oh, pot is not addictive,' but studies show, for one in six people, it is addictive, you become a pot-head, you lose your IQ, you go down and out.

"And isn't it a gateway drug? Well who cares? It's a drug by itself. And if you're using drugs for recreational use and they're not for medical use then I think you've crossed a line. And I think there is a demonic spirit of drunkenness. And it's not just alcohol, but this drunkenness, this desire for pleasure where we invited these spirits into us.

"And why do you think you have hallucinations? These spiritual visions that you have are not just biological. They are actually demonic."

Considering how many other things Klingenschmitt has blamed on demonic spirits, he may want to consider taking a moment to "discern the spirits" in his rectum. It's far more plausible that one could be responsible for the massive stick he has wedged up there, at least compared to Klingenschmitt's insistence that millions of evil spirits are responsible for the millions of things he is uptight about.

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