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Gordon Klingenschmitt: Disney "influenced by demonic spirits"

Gordon Klingenshmitt
Gordon Klingenshmitt

Yup. More of this crap again.

Gordon Klingenschmitt has once again lashed out at someone for the unpardonable offense of confirming that LGBT couples exist by accusing them of being possessed by demonic spirits.

This time, it's the Disney Channel because of the inclusion of a same-sex couple in an episode of "Good Luck Charlie," whom Klingenschmitt accuses of wanting "to recruit your children into sin" and calls for an immediate boycott of.

"If you are a Christian or a moral-minded parent who wants to teach your children that homosexuality is aberrant and wrong behavior, for example, you don't want to model sinful behavior as normative to your kids, your morality and faith, you child's innocence are now being undermined by the Disney Corporation.

"And that's why we are inviting you to participate in boycott of the Disney Channel ... Send a message to the Disney Channel: stop recruiting our children into an aberrant lifestyle!"

Cue the evil spirits diagnosis:

"I believe these tempters now at the Disney Corporation are being influenced by demonic spirits who want to recruit your children into sin ... God bless the children, not just the ones who are actors in this show whose innocence is being violated, but also your children at home who may be having access to this kind of programming."

It will be interesting to see if Klingenschmitt once again claims to be running against a theocracy now that he has effectively endorsed a policy of censorship of non-religious morality (though if he does, it certainly won't be surprising).

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