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Gordon Klingenschmitt: Chaplains have "gone underground" to avoid persecution

Gordon Klingenshmitt
Gordon Klingenshmitt

In a January 31st, 2014 interview with the fundamentalist OneNewsNow website, Gordon Klingenschmitt once again complains that, by not being shown exclusive favoritism by the military and being required to avoid shoving their religious beliefs down every single non-Christian's throat, Christians in the military are being persecuted.

According to Klingenschmitt, many conservative chaplains have already been weeded out of the U.S. military, while "Even the remaining conservative chaplains are going underground."

Virginia Penrod, the assistant secretary of defense for Military Personnel Policy, has already told a House subcommittee that she conducted a conference call with more than 30 military chaplains in the field, none of whom reported feeling either restricted in their ministry or compelled to violate their faith.

This may be due to the simple fact that Christians in the military are not being persecuted, but rather are only being given the occasional reminder not to harass the non-Christians in the military.

Klingenschmitt instead claims that conservative chaplains are going to be persecuted for not being gay.

"They're not going to talk to a Pentagon spokesman who might out them and put their name out there to say that they're not a team player because they're not gay enough," he claims. "The conservative chaplains are going to remain quiet. They're going to be persecuted."

Klingenschmitt has a well-documented history of complaining that he is being persecuted by not being legally permitted to persecute others, as well as for being extremely truth-impaired when it comes to presenting his agenda, topped off by a constant insistence that whatever he has a stick up his butt about at the moment is caused by demonic spirits.

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