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Gordon Family Tree and Michael Morton's tale: 2 great new DVDs

Morton: Not guilty!
Morton: Not guilty!
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Walk away from your job and you might stumble upon a new you.
Gordon Family Tree is an inspiring story about a man from a prominent family who inexplicably walks away from his unfulfilling job and discovers what he loves to do can make a difference in other people’s lives. Directed by Marc Hampson, this film festival darling stars Ryan Schwartzman, Corbin Bernsen, Richard Karn and Jennica Schwartzman. The journey begins on March 25, when home viewers can enjoy this award-winning film on DVD from Monarch Home Entertainment.
Freemont Gordon isn't passionate about his successful architecture job in Los Angeles. After he turns 30, he finds his job isn't enough and he quits and goes on a road trip. Along the way, he meets the most amazing and generous everyday folks. Freemont shows his thanks by building secret tree houses for the families in hopes of giving their kids fun places to play. Freemont finds that doing what he loves is what matters most.
“You will love this movie about loving what you do!” gushes The Dove Foundation.

An equally fascinating flick: An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story (First Run Features)
In 1986, Morton's wife Christine is brutally murdered in front of their only child, and Michael is convicted of the crime. Locked away in Texas prisons for a quarter century, estranged from his son, he has years to ponder questions of justice and innocence, truth and fate. Though he is virtually invisible to society, the Innocence Project and Michael's pro-bono attorney spend years fighting for the right to test DNA evidence found at the murder scene. Their discoveries ultimately reveal that the price of a wrongful conviction goes well beyond one man's loss of freedom. Director Al Reinert is a two-time Academy Award nominee (as director of For All Mankind, which won the documentary Jury & Audience Awards when it premiered at Sundance in 1989, and as screenwriter for Apollo 13). There is nearly 70 minutes of bonus material, including highlights from former DA Ken Anderson's Court of Inquiry and plea deal hearing, a Q&A with Reinert, Morton and attorney John Raley, Whispering Hope music video and SXSW premiere highlights.

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