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GOR to a dog’s rescue in Knoxville

Thankfully Chase can have a second chance at forever love!
Thankfully Chase can have a second chance at forever love!
Guardians of Rescue

The Guardians of Rescue (GOR), a New York based animal rescue, established their mission to be ‘to protect the well-being of all animals.’ They do so with flourish; aiding animals in distress. This time it was a starved and abandoned dog from Knoxville, Tennessee.

This special group not only rescue animals, but assists other rescue groups, provides support to families and helps military members with their animals. This is a one-stop-shop type of rescue for they do it all!

Over the years, GOR has witnessed thousands of innocent animals that have suffered from neglect and cruelty all across the United States. Some have been abandoned while others have been caught up in illegal dog-fighting rings. Without a safe home or someone that truly loves them, these animals are forced to live in horrific environments, suffering from diseases and poor health.

Guardians of Rescue is a nationwide animal rescue organization that is called in to wade through the worst areas of crime, violence and poverty in order to save innocent animals such as Chase, a Pitbull mix that was found starving and abandoned in Knoxville.

“On a daily basis, dogs are suffering the worst cruelty. Without empathy or sympathy, many do not survive the street life and abandonment,” affirms Robert Misseri, Founder and President of Guardians of Rescue. “You've heard it before, but it's so important and so true. If you see something, do something. No animal deserves to suffer.”

Poor Chase was not only abandoned, but out on the streets in Tennessee, fighting for his life. Chase had been left tied up in a yard, his collar embedded in this throat. He was unable to escape and was suffering from a horrendous wound made from the too tight collar. Maggots had covered the open wound around his neck. His jaw had previously been broken, his legs scraped as if he had been dragged. He was severely dehydrated and starved.

Thankfully the Guardians of Rescue stepped in to help this innocent dog! They took him back to New York to heal his wounded body and spirit.

Chase arrived in New York this past Saturday, August 16th. When he is able, he will be placed up for adoption; allowing him to feel kindness and love from his new forever family.

The ever-helpful GOR is working with the local authorities who are investigating the case, as well as Knoxville Animal Control. They just want to help stop the blatant cruelty in this area of the state of Tennessee. Guardians of Rescue have posted a $1500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the abuse of Chase.

“For dogs like Chase, people like us are his only hope. Animals give us unconditional love and unfortunately, it is not always the case that it is equally returned. Neglect and abuse are unacceptable,” affirms Misseri. “If you see something, do something. Chase and dogs like him can be removed from cruel situations and placed into a safe environment where they can be cared for, if people take action.”

To donate to Chase’s fund, or to learn more, visit the site at

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