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Gopherwood's spring concert revolution

The MC5 use to say that “music is revolution.” The scream of amplified guitars was seen as tearing holes in the walls of conventional thinking. The beat of the base and drums were shaking the foundations of status quo until it came tumbling down. All institutions were to be questioned, inspected, and destroyed or changed to better meet the needs of all people, to create a better world. This musical revolution (albeit at a lower volume) is alive and well in Central and Northern Michigan under the guidance of such organizations as the Wheatland Music Organization, Blissfest, and Gopherwood. These groups of intrepid revolutionaries have been fermenting change in the north for decades, providing people the opportunity to hear music that is not played on the radio, to see and meet talented musicians that might not have otherwise found their way to the middle of the mitten, to enjoy the company of dozens to thousands of kindred spirits, and to support musical venues whose goal is to make enough money with their concerts to be able to do them again – not to get rich. What a novel concept, make enough money to bring more unique music to the people without exploiting them in the meantime.

The smallest and most intimate of the three is the Gopherwood Concert series held around Cadillac, Michigan. This engine of the revolution has just sent out their spring series line-up and it is another great example of providing tremendous musical alternatives. The shows range the unconventional and dynamic Dick Segel and the Bando’s playing a house party at Paul and Nancy Brown’s home (03/21/2010); to the Gopher-Broke Band hosting a tasting of Michigan wines and locally produced chocolates/deserts (03/06/2010); to Steppin’ In It with Rachael Davis – a true daughter of the Gopherwood revolution (04/10/2010).

The whole series begins this Saturday, February 6th at 8:00 P.M. in the Cadillac Elks Club (122 S. Mitchell St, Cadillac). The Luke Winslow-King Trio will be performing. This trio is fronted by singer/songsmith Luke Winslow-King who originally came from Cadillac and now calls New Orleans his home. Cesar Alvarez in Music Is Free Now states: “Luke's songwriting is quite literary and exceptionally moving. His knowledge of the old ways is unending. He's the only actual rambling man I know." Michael Erlewine, Big Rapids own founder of the All Music Guide describes Luke this way: "Cutting-edge songs, the swing of old New Orleans, and the voice and guitar work of Luke Winslow-King - Just Perfect!" Tickets for this event are $10.00 in advance or $12.00 at the door ($5.00 and $6.00 for students). For additional information about times, locations, and other performances, call Paul at 231-775-2813. Up the Revolution! Music for the people! Support Gopherwood and all of the talent that surrounds you. Who said the revolution wasn’t going to be fun?


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