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GOP spring convention provides drama


  • Amedori 6 years ago

    Dilip, my move to the Murphy campaign was not a slap to anyone. Let's not forget that it was the taxpayers of MD who paid me to travel 4 days a wee* across the state to go into prisons. See, this is what bothers me. Do I owe Ehrlich my life, blindly? I continued to be a public servant for the taxpayers. I did not do it for Bob. Please explain how it is a slap? It is that mentality that is so offensive to not just me, but many. I would hope that if someone as*ed Bob he would say I was not an Ehrlich servant; rather, I was a public servant.

  • Karl Pfrommer 6 years ago

    Hi Dilip,

    I liked your article about the GOP convention. There certainly are some credibility issues among Governor Ehrlich’s Republican opposition. However, Murphy, Pelura and Amedon are not impediments for the Republican nomination. They are but a distraction. If we become distracted we will distract voters.

    Furthermore, archconservatives are known to be far less pragmatic and compromising than swing voters. Thus, more General Election votes will be earned with dissatisfied Democrats and Independents than among the far right. And some archconservatives, having no other palatable choice, will come around. That’s how Governor McKeldin did it in 1950 with a larger margin of victory than ever before.

    We need to focus on our General Election. That’s the only contest that really counts.

  • Dilip 6 years ago

    Carmen, I generally don't respond to comments posted on my commentaries, but you asked how was your running with Ehrlich's opposition a slap in his face. You supported Ehrlich before (2002 and 2006), took a very nice appointment from him, then you joined the ticket of someone who thinks he would do a better job as Governor than Ehrlich did or would do. By joining his ticket, you agreed with him. Therefore, it is a slap in Ehrlich's face. Blind loyalty is not required, but how about just a loyalty. After all, he did appoint you to a job that the readers should know pays six figures. Your service is appreciated, but your comment that this was not a slap at Ehrlich is like telling someone you decide to break up with, "It's not you, it's me." I guess as the saying goes, "If you want a friend in politics, get a dog."

  • Amedori 6 years ago

    Ha ha, Dilip, really? You're funny. Again, my loyalty was to the taxpayers of this state. IMHO, that is where it belongs. Not to one person; regardless of who it is. I was appointed to that JOB because I had the ability to do it. Not as any favor from Bob, right? Or are you saying I was rewarded for something by being appointed? I was qualified for the JOB, he offered. Loo* at the campaign records, you won't see record brea*ing contributions to Bob from me or my family. All decisions were business, Dilip not personal and I *now Bob gets it.

  • Amedori 6 years ago

    PS. The JOB does not pay 6 figures. It is 84,000. And I earned every penny.

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