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GOP Senator rips Fox News as 'totally not fair and totally not balanced'

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In a world where even cable news is considered biased, one Republican Senator is taking a shot at what would be considered his home team.

The number one cable news channel in the country is Fox News. With the slogan "Fair and Balanced," one would assume that the news and information that is given on Fox News is on the up and up. The reality is that Fox News is one of the most biased sources of news in the entire country. While it's common for liberals and Democrats to often point out the right-wing slant of Fox News, but now it's a established and successful Republican who is pointing out the inaccuracies.

Speaking at a campus of Tulsa Community College, Buzzfeed reported Friday that Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) spoke about the bias in the media and took the hardest shots at what is considered a second home for conservatives and Republicans- Fox News.

"There are certain shows on Fox I can’t watch, because they’re totally not fair and totally not balanced. I want all the information if which I can make the best decision.”

When asked about the top three cable news channels, Coburn stated that "the truth is somewhere in between the three,” speaking about Fox News, MSNBC and CNN. Coburn revealed that he often reads the New York Times, which has a liberal op-ed section, and the Wall Street Journal, which has a conservative op-ed section, but admits that one of the biggest issues is that the country has "lost the professionalism of journalism.”