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GOP's smear campaign towards president, backfires

GOP's relentless attack and smear campaign towards President Obama, apparently backfires with most Americans. Brookings Institute released a study Wednesday that uninsured Americans became aware of benefits and available subsidies from the federal government through 15 to 1 anti-Obamacare ad campaigns. An increase of ACA enrollment occurred in so called Blue States, while declining enrollment occurred in so called Red States with anti-Obamacare tactics. During the open enrollment period, 9.5 million uninsured Americans gained coverage. 7 million was the initial target for a successful enrollment number. With threat of repeal or dismantling of the healthcare law, many Americans took advantage of opportunities to obtain low cost coverage. The Supreme Court ruling favoring Hobby Lobby to deny certain contraceptive applications for female employees due to religious beliefs, opened up an opportunity for its 21,000 employees to research other options through Obamacare and not employer sponsored coverage like other uninsured workers. Kantar Media CMAG reported a study in May indicating $445 million was spent on ACA/Obamacare. 880,000 ads were negative ads and 58,000 ads were positive ads relating to the healthcare law. Negative ad money outspent positive ad money at a 15 to 1 ratio. Buried in the GOP juvenile feud of "just say no" to President Obama are policies to remedy issues like immigrations. There is a GOP spin of no leadership from the White House to address the border, but when the president requests budget for it, no one steps up from GOP. American working families are facing 21st Century issues that require expanding flexible workplace policies that the president addresses, yet GOP turns a blind eye towards it. Also, education, student loans and the economy, the president goes at alone, many times without an unproductive Congress. This may reveal where leadership is truly lacking.