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GOP Rep.: Put illegal minors at the border in 'tent city' style internment camps

As thousands of undocumented minors continue to cross the border from Central America into the United States, both Democrats and Republicans are wrestling with ideas on how to handle the current border crisis. While there have been some sensible suggestions, one Republican in Congress has an off the wall idea.

Twelve-year-old Mayeli Hernandez wipes tears as she tells her story of escaping her home country of Honduras in July of 2013, due to increasing violence, during a hearing before the Congressional Progressive Caucus
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The border crisis, like many other issues in Washington, seems to be along party lines. Liberals and Democrats have proposed a pathway to citizenship and even giving refugee status to the minors at the border. Conservatives and Republicans almost overwhelming in favor of full deportation, increased heavy border security, and the continuation of building a full length along the southern border.

During an interview with Jerome Corsi, the chief reporter for WorldNetDaily, Rep. Steve King, along with Rep. Michele Bachmann, spoke about the on going border issue. In a suggestion on how to handle the increased number of undocumented minors, King through out the idea of a "tent city" style internment camp to house the minors until they were ready to be sent back.

“Instead of scattering these kids all over the country, we need to set up tent city and grow it to whatever the extent it was the population grew so they expect to go back and put them back."

King's suggestion is something the United States has experienced before, albeit under different circumstances. During World War 2, then President Franklin Roosevelt housed Japanese Americans in the western United States out of fear they might be involved with the enemy. In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan was one signature away from being able to declare martial law on the United States in what was called "Rex 84."

The "border crisis" as it is commonly referred to, is a major issue that both sides of the political aisle need to come together on. Though both side seem to be far apart on certain specifics, housing minors in a "tent city" doesn't seem like a realistic or logical option.

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