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GOP Rep. claims that 'common core' education standards will turn children gay

The United States education system has been on a steady decline for over a decade and while many have valid arguments against it, one Republican decided to take his criticism to a whole new level.

Rep. Charles Van Zant (R-Keystone Heights) has an interesting view on Common Core.

It's known as the "Common Core" standard and it's a unique curriculum that has been adopted by many states. Supporters claim that Common Core will raise all students to a new level of learning by helping them understand the work they do. Detractors note that there is still too much focus on test taking in addition to the federal government having a larger role then is needed, often overriding the state and local government's power within the system.

While Common Core is controversial and has its positives and negatives, Rep. Charles Van Zant (R-Keystone Heights) from Florida recently spoke out against the Common Core, but noted that his biggest concern was it will turn children gay.

“They are promoting, as hard as they can, any youth that is interested in the LGBT agenda...These people, that will now receive $220 million from the state of Florida unless this is stopped, will promote double mindedness in state education and attract every one of your children to become as homosexual as they possibly can.”

The Common Core do continue a heavy focus on standardize testing which puts major pressure on teachers who no longer feel like they can teach the students to the best of their ability. Valid arguments like the federal government having too large of an oversight over the local governments all have validity. With multiple outlets to make valid critics about Common Core, Rep. Van Zant has decided to highlight the "crazy" side of the Republican party and that's something they really want to avoid.

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