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GOP Rep. arrested on suspicion of DUI, refused breathalyzer test

A congressional Republican was arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of DUI.

Florida state Rep. Dane Eagle's (R-Cape Coral) mugshot
Leon County Sheriff's Office booking photo

Florida state Rep. Dane Eagle (R-Cape Coral) was leaving a Taco Bell in Tallahassee around 2am when he was pulled over and arrested after nearly hitting a median, stopping in an intersection, hitting a curb and running a traffic light. According to the arrest report, the arresting officer noted that Eagle smelled of alcohol and had "bloodshot, watery, and glassy eyes." Eagle claimed the alcohol was from friends, but refused to take a breathalyzer test and stumbled getting out of his car.

Following his arrest, Eagle released a statement through his legislative aide via News Press.

"I was arrested in Tallahassee and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol," Eagle wrote. "While there are some decisions that I would have made differently, I do not believe there is a complete and accurate picture of the events. Under advice of my legal counsel, I cannot discuss all the details right now, but I look forward to publically (sic) sharing the entire story at an appropriate time. Until then, I humbly ask for everyone's patience. I know that I am accountable for my actions, and I look forward to communicating with my constituents in the near future on this matter."

Reports from the Lee County Clerk of Court show that Eagle has had four traffic-related citations from since 1999.

Eagle was elected in 2012, winning the Republican primary with over 70 percent of the vote and did very well in the general election, pulling in 62 percent of the vote. Eagle campaigned on what he called the "Four E's" of economy, education, environment and ethics.

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