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GOP official: People have a duty to offend Muslims, especially with a gun

A Republican official suggests shooting Muslims
A Republican official suggests shooting Muslims
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

It's not a secret that the general consensus about Republicans is their love of guns and lack of compassion for Muslims. One Republican official seems to have taken those ideas to a new level.

The vice chairman of the Kansas Republican 3rd Congressional District, Gavin Ellzey is under fire from the Kansas Republican Party for a malicious tweet that Ellzey sent out in July. The story gained steam when Ellzey was interviewed by the Kansas City Star on Tuesday in which the Republican representative attempted to walk back his previous statement. The tweet, which stated “Offending Muslims is the duty of any civilized person. Especially with a .45,” garnered attention when Ellzey began receiving multiple messages about it. He has since deleted the tweet, but not after the Kansas Republican Party began to distance themselves from him in a prepared statement.

“The Kansas Republican Party has no responsibility for or connection to the public statements of private citizens who perform occasional volunteer work for the Party...The Republican Party in no way shares Mr. Ellzey’s sentiment.”

During his interview with the Kansas City Star, Ellzey said he never intended to offend anyone and that he simply overreacted to the news that Christians were being "crucified" in the Middle East. "I sure wouldn't shoot anybody. I don’t even own a gun.” Ellzey added.