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GOP new message: We weren't trying to rape for 10 years

It is difficult to pivot from recent history. Suddenly, the GOP has become born again. They are saying that they are backing off their attack on entitlements and necessities, but they haven't said how they intend to right the economy. When they do, it will probably sound a lot like Barack Obama, who to Democrats is sounding more like Republicans.

New GOP spokesperson?

All of this is going to get confusing by Election 2014. Democrats pretty much know who they are. Republicans can’t seem to decide in which of several buckets they belong.

  • Right-wing ideological conservatives
  • Corporate capitalists
  • Wealthy American advocates
  • Middle Class revivalists

By comparison, Democrats have one giant bucket into which there are separate buckets.

  • Pro government advocates
  • Social and environmental responsibility advocates
  • Poor American advocates
  • Middle Class preservationists

Common ground may be found in such issues as anti-nation building, immigration reform accommodation, and tax code simplification.

“GOP pivots in search of positive message

By Russell Berman - 02/03/14 06:00 AM EST

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – House Republicans are at a turning point.

A majority of them, having spent five years in opposition to President Obama — inviting Democrats to tag them as obstructive — are now intent on shaping a positive identity as the “alternative party” for voters in November’s midterm elections.

This is a significant shift and a big risk.

A year ago, House Republicans were staggering after crushing defeats in fights over taxes and relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Now they are forging ahead on an alternative to ObamaCare and testing support for a move on immigration.”

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