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GOP needs to find its courage

Republican supporters waiting for Mitt Romney to concede on election night.
Republican supporters waiting for Mitt Romney to concede on election night.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Heaven help us. Barack Obama, will occupy the Oval office for another four years. Although he only won the election by a mere 2 million votes, he will take it as a mandate from the American people to push forward with his socialist agenda in a much more aggressive fashion.

While the libs are dancing atop pianos and swinging from chandeliers, the Republicans are sitting around beating their mea culpas and sucking their thumbs trying figure out what went wrong. How could they have lost the election? Get over it. We lost, and now we have to deal with it. We lost for a number of reasons, one of which is we don’t know how to play the PR game as well as the Democrats.

You can’t argue with liberals or hope to persuade them based on logic. Look at their campaign ads. Every one of them touted misinformation and tugged at the heartstrings. Mitt Romney didn’t kill that man’s wife, but they made it sound like he did. In speech after speech, Obama used jealousy, envy, and greed to pit one socio-economic class of Americans against another. He didn’t plead his case for re-election with logic, but on a visceral campaign based on class warfare.

He understood that his liberal base doesn’t make use of the brains God gave them, but rather reacts to feelings, notions, and ideas. And Obama’s ideas were and are very, very small; small enough to fit in the palm of a child’s hand, and that’s exactly what these liberals are—children. They are children with outstretched hands waiting for Santa Claus to fulfill their every wish, and he had no compunction against promising to do so.

So now Republicans need to stop blaming Obama Claus. They need to quit pointing the finger at Ron Paul for not endorsing Mitt Romney, which is another story in itself. They need to stop raking Romney over the coals for not being cool enough, or articulate enough, or likable enough. Enough already! Mitt’s a decent guy. Get off his case and pick yourselves up and look forward to a new day.

Start acting like Republicans with core values and learn from the Dems how to launch a good PR campaign. Look around you to see what the country needs and fight for it. Don’t roll over and play dead because it’s the politically expedient thing to do. Find your courage to save this country. I firmly believe was can still do it if we’re willing to stand together and do the hard and necessary things. Otherwise, we might as well merge with the left, and we can all enjoy the happy, non-confrontational one-party system that proved so successful in protecting freedom and prosperity in the old Soviet Union.


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