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GOP must heed the will of the people

GOP must heed the will of the people. With 50 million Americans on Food Stamps, 90 million people not even working. Unemployment would be realistically 10% but the Federal Government is excluding people not looking for work even though 90 million able-bodied people are out of a job. If the economy were this bad even under any other Democrat president, the New York Times and NBS would drum him right out of office.

The media is sacrificing their integrity to protect President Obama’s failing. Besides the disastrous Obamacare rollout, people are now being denied medical treatment because of Obamacare. Civil unrest is occurring in Ukraine, Syria and al Qaida is gaining strongholds in Iraq, Obama’s only recommendation is proposing a minimum wage increase. With 90 million people looking for careers, a slight increase for employees working at Burger King isn’t the solution.

Obama just returned from an economic summit in Mexico. He should have recommended to Mexican President Calderon to raise his country’s minimum wage. That measure would increase Mexico’s standard of living and alleviate the illegal immigration problem on our Southern Border.

Republicans should seize on Democrat failures. The first step is welcoming the Tea Party. The Tea Party gave the GOP the majority in the House in 2010. The Tea Party has a winning formula. It’s called the American people. The Tea Party isn’t afraid of the media and their unfounded racist label. Prominent members of the Tea Party are Texas Senator, a Hispanic and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott who is Black. The charges are debunked.

House Republicans can counter the minimum wage proposal with the construction of the Keystone Pipeline and open up oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and ANWR in Alaska. Two Democrat Senators Landrieu of Louisiana and Begich of Alaska are proposing increased oil exploration. Begich and Landrieu are two incumbents who could likely lose their reelection bids. So they are distancing themselves from Obama and campaigning as Republicans.

The Tea Party wants government accountability. They want representation. The concept isn’t new. It’s based on the Constitution. Unfortunately, both political parties have hunkered down attempting to feather their own beds and protect their own self-interest. That’s fine if they’re lobbyists. But they’re elected officials and the people are their bosses.

Final Thought: Congratulations to the two law-abiding Detroiters who shot would-be intruders attempting to break into their homes. That will reduce the city’s crime rate. Not anything Commissioner Craig will implement.

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