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GOP leadership about to commit political suicide?

If they do it, the Republican Party is dead. Finished. Will never win another presidential election ever again. If they do what you ask? Sell out on amnesty and help the Democrats and our odious corrupt president pass so-called immigration reform that will legalize as many as 30 million “undocumented Democrat voters,” by giving then amnesty, and giving the Democrats a near-unbeatable majority voting block for generations to come. Of course, members of both parties in Congress will say the amnesty bill is not amnesty even though they and us know that it really is amnesty.

Are Boehner and House Republicans ready to cave to Democrats on amnesty?
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Today, Republican members of Congress attended a retreat somewhere outside of the nation's capital, where we are given to understand that they will vote to agree to push the Senate amnesty bill in Congress, and pass it so they can send to the president to be signed into law. Just why are they doing this, even though it will be an act of political suicide?

There are two answers to that question. They are under huge pressure from the Chamber of Commerce and other big business interest groups to pass amnesty, because those interests want the cheap labor that comes with amnesty. They are seeing 10 to 30 millions new legalized immigrants to do the jobs they claim Americans won't do, for minimum wage. At the same time, they and their allies among the Republican consultant class have sold the GOP leadership a bill of goods. They have convinced Republican leaders that if they pass amnesty, they will far much better at the polls in getting the votes of Hispanics and other minorities. John Boehner, Reince Priebus and the gang really believe this, in fact they believe it so much that they think the GOP would be committing political suicide if they do not pass amnesty.

So that's why they are so determined to pass amnesty, they really go believe the party is dead politically if they do not pass it, because they've been sold a bill of goods. But the reality is, not only the GOP dead if amnesty pass, the country is screwed. Big business will get it's cheaper labor, which means we get the further destroying of the economy and the further decline of our manufacturing sector and shrinking of the middle class that leads to even higher levels of unemployment that we are now told is the “new norm.” Democrats will get tens of millions of new voters to elect long term majorities of Democrats, who will enact and implement generations more of misguided progressive policies, and before long most of the country will have both the economy and appearance of Detroit. That is inevitable under progressive and socialist policies. That's why just about all the former socialist and communist countries are trying free market economics, because progressive and socialism economics only work when there is someone else's money to spend, and when that runs out, the progressive and socialist economies fail.

That's the future we face, unless we do something about it. We have one last chance to save freedom in this country before the socialist hard left just totally takes control, consolidates power, and starts building the sensitivity re-education camps we're going to be enrolled in for our “racist” opposition to President Obama.

We have to stop this amnesty push going on now, even though GOP leaders don't know it or understand, stopping amnesty saves the GOP from political suicide. Then we need to win in 2014 and 2016, electing as many Tea Party and conservative members to the GOP held seats in Congress and the Senate as is politically possible. Then we need to make clear to the Congress and the next president, that there is one priority that needs to be done before the normal priorities: the and only reform that will bring back the middle class, lower unemployment, improve the country in countless ways, and derail the progressive liberal train before it heads down the tracks even further. What is that one thing?

A real immigration bill that is not amnesty. First, that bill needs to secure the borders, including finish the fence along the entire Southern border with Mexico and securing that with as many well-trained border agents as is needed. If we need to put a division or two on the border, then the legislation should allow that too. If need to build a moat on our side of the fence, filled with alligators, to prevent drug dealers and criminals, and potential terrorists, from coming to the country via that border, then we need to do that too. And we need to immediately end ALL illegal immigration. Anyone that comes here ILLEGALLY is breaking the law, which means by definition, they are a criminal, and should immediately without any due process, if they are illegally here, deported. Remember, our rights to due process apply to citizens, not illegal aliens.

And the immigration problem is not just the illegal immigration, it is also too much legal immigration, at a rate faster than they assimilate and causing an invasion of immigration that is profoundly changing our country. Read a recent column by Ann Coulter about this issue, she provides all the reasons needed to realize that even legal immigration is a problem.

Immigration, both illegal and legal, only imports more unemployment, adding to our immense economic challenges. Our economy doesn't create enough jobs to employ Americans who want and need jobs, why should be import another 1.5 million new unemployed each year via immigration?

And that argument about immigrants doing the jobs that Americans won't do? It's a completely fallacious argument. If we had a moratorium on immigration, or a severe reduction in legal immigration allowed, we would see, over the next five to ten years, the economy create enough jobs such that the current massive surplus or available labor shrinks to the point of beginning to create a labor shortage. We know from basic economics, that when the supply of something shrinks relative to demand, it's cost goes up. So when businesses find a shortage of labor, they have to pay people more to get them to work. Now you see why big business loves a massive labor surplus, which is bolstered by massive immigration. Then progressive liberals politicians respond to that by saying we need to raise the minimum wage.

But low immigration would create perpetual labor shortage, which would naturally (without government imposed minimum wages) raise wages of workers across the board, and this would rebuild the middle class and create more better paying jobs for Americans, not immigrants. This would help bring back our manufacturing sector, as more Americans would step off the sidelines and rejoin the workforce again. And guess what Republican leaders, American working in good jobs are more likely to vote for Republicans than Democrats. And if we defeat the war on marriage, that is good for the country and the GOP too, because married men and women are much more likely to vote Republican, than single women, who vote more for Democrats because they seem to believe the big government nanny state (see Obama's “Julia”) will take care of them. Married women look to family instead of government, and vote for the party more supportive of family and marriage, the Republicans.

So that's what we need. Secure borders, no illegal immigration, and strictly limited legal immigration. And we shouldn't just let anyone come in legally, only those who want to come here and be Americans, and be part of our society. Radical Muslims coming here to kill us and blow up buildings, should be sent back. Securing the borders is the most basic and more important part of national security. Why don't politicians from the far left, and the RINOs as well, realize that? They don't want to, they want easy votes and cheap labor from tens of millions of immigrants instead, and they don't care if that will eventually destroy the country.

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