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GOP launches budget fact-check website

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Republicans in the California State Assembly on Tuesday launched a new website they say will correct mistakes in Gov. Jerry Brown's assertions about the condition of state finances.

Called California Budget Fact Check, the project will include newspaper articles and legislative commentary about the Brown budget.

Released late last week by Brown, the budget calls for a multi-billion dollar tax increase to stave off automatic cuts in education and public safety.

Republicans generally have struck a conciliatory tone on budget cuts, but strenuously object to tax increases. Voters will decide in November whether taxes will be increased.

"Even with a 6-percent increase in General Fund tax revenues from personal income, corporate, and sales taxes, California will still face a significant budget shortfall this year," said Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Redding). "Why? The Legislature and the Governor continue to overspend. The Governor proposes to grow General Fund spending by a whopping 7 percent next year."

"One of the worst things we could do is enact the governor's proposed $35 billion tax increase on Californians over five years," Nielsen said. "The governor's proposed spending increases show that Californians don't need to pay higher taxes in the first place. If state government cannot live with a $4.5 billion increase in revenue, then we are in real trouble."

Pro-job reforms, a spending limit and creation of a rainy day fund are keys to the state's budget problems, he said.

"So-called 'Big 3' revenue - sales, income and corporate taxes - is projected to grow $4.5 billion this year. This growth is the result of Republicans standing together last year to defeat the governor's $58 billion tax increase. By lowering taxes, we helped to stimulate the economy and bring in new tax revenue. That's why pro-jobs reforms must continue to be a priority for the Legislature."

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