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GOP implodes; Obama crumbles; Dems rumble

As the GOP shifts further to the right, and its universe shrinks further up the wealth ladder, the party of 1% becomes unelectable. That’s what makes Democrats “giddy” as Politico describes it. By the way, this analyst called it long ago. The rich and powerful have succumbed to greed and that just accelerates their propensity to lose the big ones. Eric Cantor’s Virginia District 7 is a litmus test that shows how conservatives vote and their candidates lose national elections.

Giddy Democrats
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True is that President Obama has turned out to be most disappointing. He is the president with the right intentions and wrong ability to implement. He has consistently failed to appoint an effective team for two reasons:

  1. Personal lack of skill, knowledge and experience as an executive and manager
  2. Democratic party’s ineffectiveness at supporting their incumbent president

In a picture of “giddy Democrats” accompanying the Politico story are many of the people who are guilty of making President Obama weaker and not stronger. They are the old guard, and if they continue to run the party, they will also ruin it just like the Tea Party is doing to the GOP. Ironically, change must start at the top, but the GOP instance demonstrates how important it is to make quality changes that are also politically effective.

Caustic Eric Cantor may be gone, but what are the choices for replacing him? Two college professors, one economist and one sociologist, and neither distinguished are the choices. Now, for Democrats to win, they must convince wealthy conservative voters that their long-haired professor is better than the Republican in a suit.

“Dave Brat is not a brand. The Republican lurch to the right is a brand,” said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.). “The Brat win is Exhibit A in our argument, but there are lots of exhibits to our argument. It accelerates the GOP’s move to the right.”


“Giddy Dems’ new strategy: Watch the GOP implode

Democratic operatives were just as surprised as everyone else by Eric Cantor’s defeat — but now they’re trying to figure out how to make the most of it.

The early thinking: Stay out of the GOP’s way.

Virginia’s 7th Congressional District probably isn’t going their way, regardless of the Republican candidate switch. But operatives planning for the midterms believe they can turn Tuesday’s surprising tea party resurgence into something much bigger.

They see the attention to the defeat as another cut at the House Republicans as extremists, a new way to highlight congressional dysfunction, a chance to pump more GOP distrust into the Latino voters Democrats are hoping to turn out in force in November, an argument that Republicans are in much worse shape than they’ve purported to be.

Of course, Democrats have seemed to seize the momentum many times before, only to lose it — though never worse than when the buoyancy of winning on the shutdown immediately disappeared into the Obamacare website launch.
But on this one, they feel like Republicans are doing the work for them.


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