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GOP Congressman stranded on deserted, South Pacific island


Arizona GOP Congressman Jeff Flake doing what he
did a lot of over the course of a week last summer--
hunting fish with spears on a deserted island in the 
South Pacific. (Photo: CNN)

We kid, we kid. Sort of.

Arizona District 3 Representative Jeff Flake isn't stranded at the moment. But he was this summer--by his own free will.

The Congressman said that his week-long journey to a secluded island in the South Pacific was more of a "physical than spiritual" journey, though there was a very Man vs. Wild feel to his adventure. According to reports, Flake lived off of coconut meat and spear-caught fish, distilled his own water for drinking, slept on the beach, and adopted some pet hermit crabs--a hundred and two of them, to be exact. He kept track of them by writing numbers on their shells.

So, how exactly does one embark on a vacation like this? Your guess is as good as mine. I've contacted the Representative's office to request an interview with him to discuss the logistics and should that request by approved, you can bet the results will be posted here, in the Austin International Travel Examiner.