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GOP candidate for Governor announces Arizona-style immigration bill for Florida


Florida's AG and GOP candidate for governor

(ORLANDO, FL) 8/12/10 – Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum, and a GOP gubernatorial candidate, yesterday announced a bill to be introduced in the Florida Legislature that will rival Arizona’s embattled immigration law.

With early voting in progress and less than two weeks left before the critical Republican primary elections, McCollum, who is trailing in the polls to rival Rick Scott, proposed a “stronger,” “tougher” and “fairer” bill aimed at allowing law enforcement officers in Florida to detain persons they have “reasonable suspicion” to believe are in the United States illegally.

This requirement of “reasonable suspicion” – legal buzz words that mean something less than “probable cause”, sets this bill apart from the Arizona law, according to McCollum. The bill also allows judges to consider a defendant’s immigration status when setting bond amounts and in allowing prosecutors to bring higher-level charges against illegal immigrants and stiffer sentences at conviction.

Also different than the Arizona law, the AG’s bill would not allow citizens to sue police agencies for failing to enforce the law – this would instead be left to the Attorney General’s office. Employing illegal immigrants would also become a violation of state criminal law, and the bill would require businesses to use the federal E-Verify program before hiring anyone. The Florida bill specifically prohibits racial profiling.

A federal judge postponed the implementation of various portions of the Arizona law in July, including a section that required officers to check an individual’s immigration status while enforcing other laws. The Department of Justice brought suit challenging the law on supremacy grounds – that the federal government has the responsibility of creating and administering immigration laws, and that the states cannot implement such laws.

McCollum’s challenger, Rick Scott, accused the Attorney General of “flip-flopping,” according to Scott’s communications director. She attributed the proposal to McCollum’s sliding poll numbers.

Immigrant-advocacy groups denounced the bill immediately. Cheryl Little, the Executive Director of the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center in Miami, released a statement criticizing the bill, saying that it would add chaos and confusion to an already broken system.

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  • Joan 4 years ago

    If you check Meg Whitman “Plan” for California Governor, she has the same position of McCollum, Whitman opposes immigration reform and she wants e-verify to be enforced on all California employers but e-verify was proved unreliable since the Bush administration it didn’t work then it won’t work now. Now, let’s be clear and unbiased about immigration, if the argument of those opposed to immigration reform is to enforce our current laws think on American employers as they will have to be penalized with a fine as per current immigration law for each of the eleven million unauthorized workers merged in our present work force and the disastrous impact that side of the enforcement approach will have to our economy. If there were enough work visas and a reliable I.D verification system managed by immigration services before we wouldn’t have illegal aliens today. Don’t let Whitman and McCollum punish American business for a problem created by the Government.

  • Funny Stuff 4 years ago

    Lindsey Graham and the Republicans are seeking to repeal and replace the 14th Amendment. According to House Minority Leader, John Boehner, they want to replace it with a 28th Amendment that is twice as strong. They claim that the Democrats slipped the 14th Amendment through as part of the $15,000 Buggy Bailout Bill of 1866 therefore it should not be valid anyhow.

    Read this article. VERY FUNNY.

  • uknownance 4 years ago

    I really don't care how they have to do it or whether it's PC when they do it but get the illegals out of this country immediately, if not sooner. Regardless of whether we have to racially profile or not, come here legally or GTFO. Bottom line, ILLEGAL immigrants should be deported IMMEDIATELY, once they can't provide a green card.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Please refrain from using profanity on this site, including in abbreviations, as your comments in their entirety WILL be removed.

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