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GOP can't beat women and minorities

The gold standard for Election 2016
The gold standard for Election 2016
Win McNamee, Getty Images

The GOP seems to be running against America. In national elections, the GOP can’t beat women and minorities, or said conversely, they must have women and minorities to win. A Jeb Bush ticket might attract more of middle American men to the GOP, but there are not enough white men to make a critical difference. If the GOP House were to deliver immigration reform, that might attract some Latino votes, but would it be enough? The GOP is flagging in support for equality for women or equality for anyone, period. They won’t get the Pope vote, either. If Hillary declares, once and for all, that she is the ticket, she will win with women and minorities too. The win will be decisive. The question is, what kind of Congress will voters deliver for her to work with?

As reported here before, the GOP’s only hope is Meg Whitman.

“Poll: GOP presidential race wide open; Hillary Clinton leads Jeb Bush in theoretical matchup

By Philip Rucker and Scott Clement, Published: April 29 | Updated: Wednesday, April 30, 7:00 AM

The 2016 Republican presidential nominating battle is shaping up as the most wide-open in a generation, with a new Washington Post-ABC News poll showing five prospective candidates within four percentage points of one another at the top and a half-dozen more in the mix.
The picture is very different on the Democratic side, where former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton is the clear front-runner. In a hypothetical matchup, Clinton leads former Florida governor Jeb Bush — seen by many GOP establishment figures as the party’s strongest general-election candidate — 53 percent to 41 percent.

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