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GOP attacks defense cuts, but GOP opposes social responsibility

You can’t have it both ways, wars you cannot afford, and obligations to meet necessities. Wealthy Republicans and their corporations get wealthy from wars and defense spending. They have a huge financial stake in that which is all paid for by Middle Class.

Defense cuts are necessary to balance the budget

Than, when the Middle Class has been sucked dry and begin to teeter into poverty, those same wealthy individuals and corporations don’t want to address the necessity to help people in need.

So, just shut up about defense cuts. They are necessary to address the overall needs of the nation. Defense industries need to diversify into commercial product manufacturing, producing superior products that the peaceful green world needs.

The one thing that Obama does well is to champion a balance in spending. If Republicans would support the center, that would truly be compassionate and responsible. As it is, they remain a point off the curve.

“GOP blasts Obama defense cuts
By Kristina Wong

GOP lawmakers say the Obama administration is ignoring history in planning a defense budget that bets there won't be another protracted ground war in the near future.

The White House is expected to unveil the 2015 defense budget on Tuesday that would cut the active duty Army by more than 20 percent over the next five years.

“After Iraq and Afghanistan, we are no longer sizing the military to conduct long and large stability operations,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said last Monday as he previewed the president’s 2015 defense budget.
Republicans say this move is foolish, given the effects of previous post-war drawdowns.

"You look at what happened at the end of World War II. We took the largest, strongest Army, Navy and Air Force that had ever been on the earth, and we destroyed it, totally eliminated it for the next year,” said House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) on Thursday.

“So when Korea started, they pushed us almost right into the ocean. They were basically fodder trying to hold things back,” he said.

Republicans also criticized the Obama administration’s continued departure from a “two-war strategy,” where the Pentagon would be able to fight two major wars at once.

The upcoming defense budget request would allow for the U.S. military to fight only one major war in one theater, while defending the homeland and deterring aggression in another theater — a strategy the Obama administration first unveiled in 2010.”

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