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Goose antibodies prove promising as parvo treatment with 85 percent success rate

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Nearly a decade ago, North Dakota researchers at Avianax began work on a serum to help cure geese of what turned out to be West Nile Virus. During research they discovered antibodies in geese could help in the treatment of other diseases like, avian flu, rabies, some cancers, and more.

"We went to the Mayo Clinic and they looked at all our work," said Avianax chief operating officer, Richard Glynn. "They called it a game-changing technology."

Not having the funding to test on human subjects researchers resorted to testing treatment on puppies with parvo virus, and the treatment worked with a 85% success rate.

The parvoOne antibody-based treatment, harvested from goose eggs, could be on the shelves as early as next spring.

This comes as great news to pet shelters and rescues that normally do not treat parvo in puppies due to the high cost of treatment. Some cases of parvo cost upwards of $2,000.00 per pup and can take as much as a week to see results, if the animal recovers at all.

With the new parvoOne treatment cost can be as little as $75.00 with results seen in as little as two days.