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Goonies never say die!: 'Goonies' sequel in the works, Richard Donner says

The Goonies”: every kid who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s remembers this 1985 classic. Steven Spielberg’s goofy adventure title epitomized the notion of fulfilled childhood dreams. As kids, we fantasized over quests for treasure, scuffles with bandits, and delving into the depths of the extraordinary. “The Goonies” captured this age old sentiment in featuring an unassuming, ragtag group of friends searching for famed pirate One Eyed Willie’s riches. Absent are Spielbergian swashbucklers such as Indiana Jones, instead replaced by a band of misfit buddies.

The Goonies cast Capetown Screening
Photo by Michael Buckner

Adding to “The Goonies’” legacy is its status as a film with unlimited replay value. It’s the sort of movie that warranted a worn out VHS, the one designated as go-to entertainment for the second half of field day in elementary and middle school. Somehow you always expected a bout of “The Goonies” when the monolithic black JVC TV rolled into the classroom on the friendly metal cart. According to director Richard Donner, a sequel is on the way. The latest news suggests the original cast, which included Corey Feldman and Josh Brolin will combine once again on-screen.

As excited as we all are, the lengthy gap between the original and the forthcoming follow-up remains questionable. Will the Goonies resume their gallivanting 30 years later? Or will their offspring continue their legacy? Regardless, “The Goonies” will forever remain in the canon of grandiose films, inspiring bright eyed youths who yearn for adventure. In case you missed it, ABC’s hilarious sitcom “The Goldberg’s” hosted a Goonies inspired episode which was particularly comedic. It’s available on Are you hopeful about “The Goonies 2,” or would you prefer to be no eyed Willie to avoid a potential desecration of a beloved childhood favorite? Comment below or tweet @micthellclong and join the discussion.

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