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Google working on Apple iPad killer

Google Preparing iPad Competitor?
Google Preparing iPad Competitor?


  • Kevin Lewis 6 years ago

    I was going to get an Ipad but now it deff android all the way

  • Stewart 6 years ago

    Will have to wait and see. The Nexus One costs more than the cheapest iPad and has had its issues. I will make my tablet decision later in the year when they all arrive.

  • BJD 6 years ago

    Intel Classmate PC

  • Zack 6 years ago

    I'm trying to get my hands on the Verizon Nexus One for Android, but as far as a tablet goes my HP Touchsmart TX2 1020US will do just fine. It also has a pressure sensitive pen and a real keyboard when all else fails. Hard to play Flash games that rely on a keyboard when the on-screen keyboard blocks half the page, no? And it's no sacled down device. It's a fully functional Windows 7 machine.

  • James 6 years ago

    The Google pad will be an epic failure and only contribute to the iPad's success. Look no further than the title of this article. It promotes the iPad name, establishes it as the standard, but leaves us without so much as a name of the product the article is ostensibly about.

    By the time the counterfeit iPad by Google makes it to market, there will be 1.5 to 2 million iPads in circulation. iPad will have an order of magnitude more apps available, and a far greater selection of content. iPad killers are going to end up like all the predicted iPod killers. HP and Dell will meet a similar fate. If Michael Dell were smart he'd give up now and liquidate his company and return the money to the shareholders than bother with taking on the iPad. The Dell Streak (great name for a touchscreen device) will flop worse than the Dell Jukebox (as everyone has likely forgot, that was Dell's effort at an "iPod killer.@

  • AllanP83201 5 years ago

    @James you are a dumbass, google owns the internet already it is thee most used websight in the world. i guarantee they can out advertise and out do Apple. oh and as far as my research its going to use Chrome OS not android but all android apps will be possible to use on it. also it will multi task where as the Ipad cannot yet but of course the update to multitask should be out sometime in the end of october. it wasnt suppose to be released until spring but Apple is afraid of google so there pushing there release date up

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