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Google wants to produce a Chrome OS netbook

If you follow the Internet-bred rumours, then you might be looking forward to a supposed Google-released Chrome OS netbook. This differs from previous assumptions that Chrome OS netbooks will be produced and badged by computer manufacturing companies. For example, we were expecting netbooks made by the likes of MSI and Dell, or even the first announced Acer Chrome OS netbook. We didn't expect Google to contract out their own machine build and make a "Google Netbook". However, that is exactly what some recent whisperings are pointing to.

I see this as the perfect long-run marketing move by the search engine company. If Google wants something that people will be flocking to buy, they need to make it perfect. And what better way to make the perfect netbook than tightly controlling how it is built? If Google makes their own Chrome OS netbook, they will be able to dictate exactly how it is made and how it runs. They won't have to rely on HP or ASUS to make a netbook that runs Chrome OS like a champ.

This is a page straight from the book of Apple. The Cupertino-based company has never let another computer manufacturer make a Mac computer. There has never been an officially backed machine running Mac OS that wasn't completely planned out by Apple. And look where they are now: Leading desktop computer sales in October of 2009. And I dare you to find me a Mac doesn't run Mac OS perfectly. This is the future of a Google netbook running a Google operating system.

So what do you think? Is a Google-produced Chrome OS netbook a good idea? Or will the Google end up crawling back to what it does best, powering your searches and serving ads? Let us know in the comments?

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  • Zach 4 years ago

    "And I dare you to find me a Mac doesn't run Mac OS perfectly."

    Stupid to put that in there. Apple anti-fanboys (fanpeople?) are gonna have a war with the fanboys over it, no doubt.

  • let the war begin 4 years ago

    well that is apple's tactic for selling over-priced hardware... it doesn't necessarily indicate they run the os better or worse. if you ran mac os on a pc and a mac of equal cost, the pc would probably outperform the mac simply based on just that: overpriced hardware. like it or not, at the end of the day apple fanboys are paying mainly for the aesthetic and the brand, not the functionality (much like designer jeans) arguing wich one 'performs' better is just a dumbass argument to begin with. this whole google-made hardware business is just a bad idea in general. i thought the creation of a google os would finally generate some competition in the OS market, but if they're going to eliminate competition amongst hardware companies the point seems self-defeating.

  • OneWayTraffic 4 years ago

    Never? Are you forgetting the Mac clones? Of course, canceling that mistake was the first thing that Jobs did when he got the CEO job back.

  • Emylou Lewis 4 years ago

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  • Goodbye Windows 4 years ago

    "There has never been an officially backed machine running Mac OS that wasn't completely planned out by Apple."

    Not true!

    From 1986-1991, Macintosh clones were available, and from 1995 to mid 1997, Apple had an officially supported clone program. This didn't end until Steve Jobs' return to Apple and the introduction of OS 8.

    Regarding the remainder of the article - Google Chrome OS will be successful because cloud computing is the future, and who better to serve it to us than Google. No one really likes Microsoft enough to trust them with their personal data, and even though I'm a hard core Apple fanboy, just seeing how much trouble MobileMe initially caused makes me certain that while Apple may add polish to Google's version of cloud computing, Google will be the powerhouse in the industry. It doesn't matter if Google releases their own machine or if they use several manufacturers.

  • Blue Swan 4 years ago

    More google vaporware. Please, give me a link to where I can buy a "chrome netbook" ... oh, I see, you can't.

  • David 4 years ago

    Google is going for the best of both worlds. By having their own netbook they can control quality all the way down the line. On the other hand, since their OS is open source, anyone can make their own version of it suited to their own type of computer. Its a win win situation and everybody profits!