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Google vs Bleeko: Spam Free Web Search

Blekko Homepage
Blekko Homepage

Blekko is a "lean" search engine-sans the spam, irrelevant sites, and useless “content” pages that are notorious with Google's search engine. Blekko uses search algorithms that filters through the internet, subsequently showcasing trust worthy, established websites without the annoying spam. It will filter through 3 billion websites and picks top, authority sites in any niche or topic. 

Blekko utilizes a set of algorithms called “slashtags”. Slashtags is Blekko's main selling point-by inserting a set of keywords into Blekko, the search engine will show results from top pages-effectively removing content that is spewed from content sites like Demand Media Studios.

Google, Bing, Yelp, and Blekko

  • Google: Google Wins in scouring the whole world wide web for content, concentrating on topical searches.
  • Bing: Microsoft Bing's search engine concentrates on tourism and entertainment.
  • Yelp: Yelp concentrates on local businesses and establishments. 

Blekko works a bit differently. Categories that are plagued by spam and keyword stuffing will be filtered with Blekko's slashtag technology. For example, if you enter “associates/college” into Blekko, the search engine will show authoritative sites pertaining to 2 year college degrees. Or if you entered “stupid/humor”, the search engine will show results pertaining to stupid jokes. All without the “fluff” that is notorious with Google's search engine. 

What do you think of Blekko? Do you think it will be a vulnerable contender against opposing search engines? Share your thoughts and review. 


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