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Google That ****! (A Rap About How Stupid Ray Comfort Is)

Banana Man, Ray Comfort
Banana Man, Ray Comfort
Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort has publicly embarrassed himself at least twice. The first time was when he apparently went to go buy bananas one day while at the grocery store and while checking out, noticed how well the banana fit into his hand. As usual, he saw God's brilliant design. How he marveled at how the Creator would create food for us to eat, all the while making it so easy for human consumption. He did not realize that man had genetically modified the modern banana and that the one that naturally grows without the assistance of human intervention is virtually inedible. He then, without doing his research, made a video which was featured on his television show, Way of the Master, proclaiming God's marvelous handiwork in designing the banana for mankind.

The second time was on his own Facebook page. He was called a "bibliophile" which means "lover of books." He did not know what it meant and felt insulted. He thought the term was, as indicated by his knee-jerk, reactionary response, a combining of the words "Bible" and "pedophile." He also commented, when his mistake was pointed out, "Still learning."

Hearing of all of this, I have written a rap song with Ray in mind. I hope he reads the lyrics I am about to lay down and will always remember that if he is ever in doubt, he can always just...

Google That ****! (A Rap About How Stupid Ray Comfort Is)

1.... 2...

(Verse 1)

"A banana fits so perfectly in your hand."

This kind of idiocy I truly can't stand.

You do realize it's a genetically altered fruit.

Do your research beforehand and learn the truth.

Don't make an *** out of yourself. It's not that hard. Not one bit.

Just use a search engine and Google that ****!


Google that ****!

Google that ****!

If you don't, you'll look stupid. You'll appear to be a twit.

Just use a search engine and Google that ****!

(Verse 2)

Get called a "bibliophile" on your own Facebook page.

Got put on the spot. Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage."

Before responding, you have to know how the word's defined.

Do your homework. It only takes a little time.

The word does not mean a combination of "pedophile" and "The Bible."

Just look it up while your hands are idle.

You truly are the laughingstock of the Facebook community.

We laugh at you. By making fun of you, we are in unity.

Ray Comfort: a social networking site disaster.

Guess that's just the Way of the Master.

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