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Google+ shakeup ahead as social chief Vic Gundotra steps down

Speculation on the future of Google+ heats up following the announcement that Google social chief Vic Gundotra is stepping down.

Google social chief Vic Gundotra stepping down, has a new journey in mind.
Photo by Justin Sullivan

Gundotra, the man primarily responsible for the Google+ social network, announced his departure from Google in a Google+ post on Thursday,

The future of Google+

On Friday, Wired was one of many outlets to ponder what's ahead for the struggling social network, making their case for "why Google+ should give up its battle against Facebook."

Wired uses the analogy that Google+ is the plumbing that connects all the Google services together. Google+ never was, or will be, a social network in the same mold as Facebook.

While many media outlets speculate on what changes will be made, the general consensus is there will be changes. As the attached video states, "Google+ Isn't Dead. It's Just In A Coma And On Life Support"

What's next for Vic Gundotra

Gundotra worked for Google for almost 8 years. Prior to coming to Google, Gundotra spent 16-years at Microsoft as a general manager.

A CNet article claiming that Gundotra had problems with Google's management team speculates that his abrupt departure indicates that he could be going to a competitor.

In his Google+ post announcing his departure from Google he states, " I am excited about what's next. But this isn't the day to talk about that."

It sounds like Vic Gundotra has a new journey in mind.


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