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2014 Winter Olympics

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Google search offers 2014 Winter Olympics details, new Google Doodle

Google steps up data to help viewers watch 2014 Sochi Olympics
Google steps up data to help viewers watch 2014 Sochi Olympics

Google search is looking to make those little details about the 2014 Winter Games available at every viewer’s fingertips. On Thursday Google had already tuned up its search engine with Sochi information for desktop and mobile searches. According to the Android Police, getting all the Olympic details to anyone with an android easy. For those folks using a computer or other source the simplicity of finding the details is only a click away.

The information that is found when searching for the Winter Games includes the times, name of venue and other information. A major improvement from the London Olympics, this is going to be one of the best places to get details fast. Years ago people would put up questions on Yahoo message boards and other forums asking for help. Questions like “When does the Olympics Opening Ceremony start?” are no longer needed as that detail is listed when searching for the Olympics Opening Ceremony. This has everyone going to a single location and will immensely cut down on search time.

Google also changed the Google Search page and offered a look at the Winter Olympics with a beautifully themed Google Doodle. Including the words of the Olympic Charter, even viewers who aren't major sport fans can appreciate the premise that athletes abide by when talking about the Olympic Games.

With all that is happening with the Winter Games, the only thing left to do is plan the Olympic Opening Ceremony party and sit back as the world competes!