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Google's Nexus One Car Dock now available

Google's Nexus One Car Dock is now available.
Google's Nexus One Car Dock is now available.

A lot of you out there in San Francisco with the Nexus One have probably been waiting for some more first-party accessories from Google for awhile now and today just happens to be your lucky day.

Google has finally released their Car Dock for the Nexus One, a perfect little gadget if you traverse the crazy streets of San Francisco on a daily basis or travel the roads at all. From the official Nexus One Blog:

The dock’s built-in speakers and volume controls enhance the in-car music and media experience. The Car Home app, which loads automatically, makes it easy to access Maps and Navigation, Voice Search, Contacts, and Music.

You can mount the dock on your windshield or dashboard, and it ships with an adhesive disc that lets you attach it to non-smooth surfaces. The dock comes with a charger that fits into your car’s 12V utility socket, and the holder can rotate for flexible orientation.

Pretty awesome especially in conjunction with the free Google Maps Navigation that all of you SF Android users probably use on a daily basis. It’s also just a good place to put your phone while you’re driving even if you aren’t using it for directions.

It also has built-in speakers that can make listening to music or watching a video on a phone bearable. And it also has Bluetooth and that’s huge. It also can charge your phone. As you can see, this thing is definitely worth taking a look at especially since it’s first-party. It costs a mere $55 and you can find it for purchase, along with more information, if you head here.

It’s a good day Nexus One owners, a very good day.

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