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Google's new contact lens design monitors your blood glucose level

Google's getting into the medical field to develop pain-free alternatives for monitoring blood glucose levels. Google currently is testing a new method for diabetics to monitor their blood-sugar levels by wearing a contact lens equipped with tiny chips and an antenna. Other non-needle glucose monitoring systems also are in the work.

Google's new contact lens design monitors your blood glucose level all day.
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

They vary from saliva sensors and tattoos to thumb cuffs being tested by the firm, OrSense. And NovioSense is working on and testing a similar contact lens to what Google is testing. For example, NovioSense is working on a tiny, flexible spring that's tucked under your eyelid. You can check out the January 17, 2014 news articles about what Google is testing as far as prototypes, such as, "Google tests prototype of diabetes-tracking 'smart' contact lens " and from Yahoo News, "Google contact lens could be option for diabetics."

The goal is to design, develop, and test non-needle glucose monitoring systems

Google's prototype of its "smart contact lens" generates a measurable reading of your tear's glucose level every second. People with diabetes and other conditions who test blood glucose levels daily or even several times a day, currently have to experience the inconvenience and pain of sticking fingers or other body parts to draw blood in order to test a drop of blood every few hours.

There's still more work to be done, but at least Google is talking with the FDA. At this point it's technology that moves Google into the medical arena. What Google seeks for the present time are partners with the expertise to get such a product into the market after making sure it works like it should. Painless blood testing is what most people want.

Not only in the medical field, but in other areas of technology, Google is playing designing role. One area is building self-driving cars. Another area Google is into is using balloons to beam wireless Internet access to parts of the world where there's no Internet at this time, for example, remote areas. Google also has started another company September 2013 that focuses on solving problems, researching, and tackling age-related diseases.

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