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Google Panda 4.0 Tips

Google Panda act as a filter that avoids sites or pages with low quality content from ranking high in the search engine results page. Panda targets low quality content, thin content, duplicate content and sites with excessive advertisement etc. The main motive of Google Panda is to uphold the sites with good quality content so the user can get the related result of their queries. Google Panda has been updated 25 times.

Google Panda Update

Google Panda is named after one of the Google's top engineers. The 1st panda update went into effect on February, 2011.Google launched Panda update in the mid of August, 2011 worldwide. With the release of Google panda algorithm, one of the most adorable animals has been turned into a major headache for search engine marketers. The main aim of this new algorithm was reducing ranking for “low-quality websites” while increasing ranking for “high quality websites”. The latest update is Google panda 4.0 which will be discussed below in details:-

About Google Panda Update 4.0

  • Google Panda update 4.0 was released on May 20, 2014.
  • It puts bad effect on the site with poor quality and less original content. May be that kind of sites will not be visible in search results.
  • Sites must put out amazing content (yes, I personally do a lot of that)

Panda update mostly affects the website having following issues:

  • High percentage of duplicate content on website.
  • High amount of irrelevant advertising on websites.
  • Keyword stuffing on websites & Very low content on pages.
  • According to Google, low quality content on some parts of a website can impact the whole site’s ranking.
  • Google wants to ensure that high quality websites rank higher in their search pages. One aspect of website’s quality is content you provide in your website.
  • Make sure your site content is original & error free. If there is any duplicate content then it should be removed or improved.
  • Sites which have Doorway pages will also be affected because these are basically used for spamming the index of search engine. In doorways pages there will be result shown for the particular query but to redirects it to different site.

Effect on eBay, press release sites & small business. After the Google panda 4.0 update, eBay lost 80% of its organic rankings according to several reports. It is a very bad day for eBay and they have to face many difficulties to recover from it. The actual product listing pages always have three features:

  • eBay’s own, internal search results
  • Ads – text ads, display ads and PLAs
  • Internal links to other product results pages

The 80% of long tail keywords of eBay goes down in ranking due to this update which is clear from the picture below:-
Similarly the press release sites also had very bad effect due to this update in Google panda 4.0. The problems with press release sites are mainly about links flowing from those releases, the issue with the duplicative nature of that content. Also the content of many press releases are thin and spammy on the content end, not just on the link end.
In the other hand there has been a huge impact of profit on small businesses. This update will help small businesses to be more visible in Google search results. Matt Cutts also made an announcement of working on a softer version of Panda which will essentially be useful to small businesses.

What we learn from this update:

  • The first thing we should keep in mind is that there should be quality content on our site to rank it higher.
  • We should immediately stop using duplicate content on our website and make sure of adding our own wording.
  • While you don’t know when the update will strike, so it would be wise to take measures to protect your site from its effects. No keyword stuffing. Keyword density should not be more than 3-4%. Use of proper grammar & punctuations should be done.
  • Immediately remove broken and spamming links from your website.
  • You can also consider other ways like social media to bring traffic to your website.
  • This will ensure you that your site still has traffic in case it is affected by panda update.
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