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Google+ opens your inbox to anyone

Google+ users are now able to email anyone else on the social media platform.
Google+ users are now able to email anyone else on the social media platform.

Google is making changes to the way you can send emails; you can now email anyone on Google+ regardless of if you know their email address or not. The announcement of the new feature was made Thursday, January 9 via the Google+ official blog.

The company announced yesterday the new feature allowing anyone on Google+ to email you and you them. When filling in the recipient field of an email the suggestions will include not only include your email contacts but also any of your Google+ connections. Additionally the social media members will be able to email anyone on Google+ even if you are not currently connected.

As a layer of privacy, your email will not be shared with someone from Google+; instead just your profile name with a note it comes from the social media account and the option to add them to your circles. However if you choose to continue correspondence your email address will be revealed and your conversation will proceed as a normal email.

Messages will appear in your “Primary” inbox from connections or in your “Social” inbox if you are not currently connected but only if you kept that Gmail update from the previous year.

The new feature is raising some concern that google+ is merely trying to bulk up its connections. And members are worried about the effect this new feature may have on their inbox but Google is offering some protection to users.

You will be able to opt-out of this feature by selecting “No One” in response to “Who can email you via your google+ profile” in the general settings menu. The new feature defaults to “Anyone on Google+” so if privacy is a concern make that change early. In addition if you do not respond to the email or add them to your circle, those users will not be able to send you additional messages.

The new feature is rolling out in the next few days and google+ subscribers began receiving an email today linking them to the new feature and the settings menu to opt-out.

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