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Google mystery barge rendered a ship without a port in San Francisco Bay

Is the Google Mystery barge a ship without a port today?
Is the Google Mystery barge a ship without a port today?
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Google mystery barge is now a huge floating facility without the correct permits, adding more to the mystery around Google's floating palace in San Francisco Bay. The State of California now says that the barge must move from its site on the bay, according to Fox News on Feb. 3.

The mystery barge has been anchored to a construction site in San Francisco Bay as the inside of this four story structure, which is made out of cargo shipping crates, is under construction. After numerous complaints about the floating construction project were investigated, the Google Barge project must move.

The investigation found that the barge didn't have any permits attached to the construction going on. Neither the Treasure Island Development Authority nor the City of San Francisco had issued any permits for the Google barge construction site. Now the people who are running this project could face "fines and enforcement proceedings" for the lack of permits on this project, according to Fox News.

What this barge will be when it is finished is not clear, Google is keeping the use for the facility a secret. There is an identical barge that is also under construction on the east coast.

Originally the rumored theory was that Google planned a data storage center using sea water as a natural coolant for the technology needed to maintain such a facility. Then there was the thought that the floating palace would be a Google store for their much anticipated glasses.

It is now known that Google barge will be used as an "interactive space for people to learn about technology as it travels from dock to dock," according to USA Today.

Santa Clara University law professor Dorothy Glancy says she was "surprised anyone was building anything in the bay without a permit." Because ship building is not something that is supposed to be done in the bay, the Google folks aren't likely to get a permit to continue building at their current site.

Today work on the barge is halted and it has been this way since the end of last year. It will remain at a standstill until the Coast Guard puts a stamp of approval on the vessel that it meets all the standards.

Google didn't just plunk itself down in the San Francisco Bay and go to work erecting this monster floating facility. They pay $79,000 a month rent to the Treasure Island Development and the contract for their lease is good until August.

Google is looking over the letter that outlines the concerns of the secretive project being built on the bay. Treasure Island Development will try to get the correct permits from the commissioner, but until all the ducks are back in place for the Google mystery barge, it sounds as if it will sit for a bit as decisions are made.

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