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Google music service coming soon

Google will never take over Apple's market share of music downloads, so why even try it their way. Instead, Google plans to get into the music game through a new music search service that will take you directly to the songs themselves. Now you won't have to wade through 30 homemade covers of Marvin Gaye's "Anger" to hear the true song. Through various partnerships you will be able to play song clips or in some cases check out the entire song once for free. If you hate it, search for something new. But if you like the song, you'll be able to purchase it directly through Google's partnered service for as low as 10 cents. The catch with the 10 cents model is that you'll only have streaming capability. To own the song as an mp3, you'll have to pony up 99 cents.

In addition to actual music, you will have one-stop access to all sorts of relevant information about the song you request such as lyrics. We should get more details about functionality and partners next week. For now, the Wall Street Journal reports that Google will partner with iLike.